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#1140        HEMINGRAY  "stacker."       Hemingray blue and amber.

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#1140       CD 248-311-311       HEMINGRAY       NO 79       Hemingray blue and amber.

The "three piece stacker."   The two amber sleeves are the key components, as they rarely surface for sale.  These colorful beauties were used on power lines in Montana.  Collectors traveling though the areas around Deer Lodge and Anaconda, Montana in the early 1970's were treated to the opportunity to see some of these beauties still in service!  Unfortunately, few of them have survived, resulting in several collectors having them high on their want list.

Both amber sections, which hold the bulk of the value in a set, are in very near mint condition.  The top section has a flat, middle fingernail size chip on the top.  The drip points are excellent with only one drip point mostly removed, and two with partial flakes.  The top is fine if kept in this set.  Or, if you desire very near mint to mint items, simply purchase another Hemi blue unit and trade out this top for a mint one.

They're few and far between... this is the first set we've had opportunity to offer in many years!