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#2525      CD 699      L' ELECTRO VERRE      "The Frog"       Aqua.

  Lot # 2525
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#2525      CD 699      L' ELECTRO VERRE     H. POUYET      SNCF      Aqua.

Affectionately known as the "Frog," these rank as one of the most unusual and complex glass insulators ever made.  They were produced for the French National Railway (Societe  Nationale des Chemins de fer Francais), thus the "SNCF" embossing on the skirt.  The "H. Pouyet" marking is neatly sandblasted onto the glass surface; the relevance of that name is unknown.

Height is 5-1/4 inches.

 A composition cap covered the top disc portion of the insulator, helping to keep the interior wires dry and protect the fragile design.

Perhaps four or five are known to have been found on poles.  Most of the small number now in collections were part of a limited number of unused units that Bernie Warren obtained from a railway employee many years ago.  They seldom change hands, and are highly desirable among collectors.  

Considering most poles have now been removed from railway properties, odds are against finding more in the wild.


Imagine the value of a highly unusual item like this, if it were equally rare and made in the US!!!!!  Perhaps when an updated book and price guide is published on international insulators, more and more collectors will appreciate the rarity and desirability of incredible examples such as this.

Spectacular, very near mint condition!