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#1658       737.6       Complete with original wood pin.        Black glass.

Buy-It-Now: $275.

  Lot # 1658
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#1658       737.6       Unembossed.       Black glass olive-amber.       Complete with original wood pin.   

A pilgrim hat threadless discovered in the 1990’s “attic find” in northwestern Pennsylvania.  A wooden box was discovered in the attic of a mid 1800’s building, containing a number of 737.6 threadless insulators.  Some retained small amounts of rust stain in the wire groove, indicating they were used.  Like this example, several were still mounted on threadless wooden pins.  One can speculate that when an early telegraph line was dismantled in the area, the insulators were gathered and stored in the attic of the building.  Until this amazing discovery took place, the 737.6 was quite rare, with only two or three examples known. 

Several 737.6 insulator fragments were dug by bottle collectors in the 1980’s and 1990’s at the site of the “Mountain Glass Works” near Saratoga, New York, confirming a manufacturer.   The glass company operated in the 1850’s and 1860’s, producing a large volume of bottles.  Among the bottles produced at the site were exceptionally large quantities of mineral water bottles, made for the numerous mineral springs in the Saratoga area.

Insulator is mounted on the original wood pin, never removed since it was attached over 150 years ago.  The wood pin was wrapped with cloth and inserted inside the insulator, surrounded with white plaster cement for a secure mounting.  An abundance of cloth protrudes below the pinhole.

Displays well from one side.  Opposite side has chipping to the wire ridges, and sizable removal of the skirt, as shown on the right portion of the second and third photos.


Buy-Now Price: $275


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